Napwon calls for upgrade of Juba airport to meet international standard

The minister of environment and forestry in the Republic of South Sudan has recommended that Juba International Airport should be upgraded to meet international airport standards.

Hon.Josephine Napwon says part of the airport runway is flooded and it poses a risk for aircraft safe landing and take off.

‘‘We came to see the airport where there was flooding yesterday and as the minister of environment, we are concerned about the environment of the airport. It is a challenge to us especially the ministry of transport because the airport is the face of the country and it should not be looking like this,’’

‘’This is an international airport, and it should be at the standard of other international airports, and I feel the ministry of transport should do something on the flooding because this is the runway of flights coming in and outside South Sudan.’’ She explained.

Josephine says the flooding at the airport has become a burden to the flights which are coming to South Sudan because the runway is flooded, affecting the landing of planes.

She says the national ministry of transport should intervene fast so that flights are not interrupted.

The Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu who visited the airport flooded site with the minister appealed to the two ministries of environment and Transport to ensure there is a proper drainage system in Juba to avoid cases of flooding.

“The airport has accumulated water because of the two days of heavy downpour, it has affected the airport badly, airplanes are parked, planes are not allowed to land because of the water”,he stated.

He added that flooding has affected some areas such as Juba na Bari, Munuki Block A & C and some parts of the new site because they got few streams of water flowing from Jebel Kujur.

” I am appealing to the national government, especially ministry of roads & bridges, ministry of environment to ensure there is a proper drainage system in Juba”, he appealed.

On Friday this week, a cargo carrying about 300 passengers overran the runway at Juba International Airport, however no casualties were reported.