Nairobi: Kapoeta North man asks S Sudanese to fund critical surgery

A 26- year-old man is battling with his life in Nairobi after sustaining gunshot injuries in his abdomen in March 2022.

” I am asking for support, my people. No one else will rescue me at the moment if not you, my country people,” Losike Lowi, who comes from Kapoeta North County, told Singaita FM in an interview.

He was shot during a joint cattle raid that was carried out by suspected youth from Kimotong, Tenet, and greater Pibor that left many people dead, others injured on both sides and several cattle driven away.

In a video circulating on social media, Losike is seeking support from well-wishers to enable him to undergo the last surgery that will help him urinate normally without any device fixed on him.

He says he was first taken to Juba for treatment where he was first operated on before being referred to Langatta Mission Hospital in Nairobi.

However, the bill was beyond what he had and was later detained at the hospital over some balance, which a good Samaritan cleared.

After Losike was discharged, the same complications persisted and was later transferred to Kijabe Mission Hospital where he had to be taken for another surgery.

He says the doctors have advised him to be operated on again because the first operation that was conducted in Juba interfered with some urinary track and needs to be rectified by next year in February 2024.

“I have been given more six month so that I undergo the last surgery. Please help me to complete this surgery,” Losike added.