Mysterious illness kill five people in Lopet area

At least five people have died from a ‘mysterious illness’ in Lopet Payam of Kapoeta East County in Eastern Equatoria state.

An official says the victims complained of chest and throat pains before falling unconscious followed by sudden death over a short period.

The deceased from different families all died at home last week.

“One of them died in my presence,” said Marko Pedo Lonok, Executive Administrator of Lopet Payam. “That is why I have come to the radio and report so that health partners and the government can help our community.”

He mentioned that some of the victims also experienced fever, shortage of breath, and general body pain. Pedo added that the deceased did not have any pre-existing medical conditions.

The Director of County Health Department said they are planning to send a team of health experts to study the issue since Jie Payam lacks health facilities.

“We are planning if we get a team that comprise of EPI,NC,OPD department everybody HIV/AIDs program, we are planning to get drugs to treat people at least one a week. We shall have a team to reach Jie to verify what it is all about,” Joseph Lotira Iko told Singaita FM.