Murderers, rapists, cattle raiders escape Kuajok prison

Authorities in Kuajok Central Prison in Warrap state have re-arrested two prisoners who escaped last week as 11 are still missing.

Officials say the circumstance that led to the escape of 13 inmates has not been established.

The inmates are said to have used an underground tunnel dug from inside the prison cell to aid their escape.

Major. Grasiano Garang, Prison Director in Warrap state said most of the escapees are convicted of murder, rape and cattle theft, among others.

He disclosed that only 2 out of 13 have been re-arrested through the help of the public.

“I appreciate the public because they stood with prison guards to re-arrest some of the escaped prisoners,” Major Garang said.

The two re-arrested are serving time for theft and adultery. One is sentenced to 8 months, while the other is sentenced to 2 months – respectively.

“I hope that citizens will continue to give information to prison guards on the whereabouts of the other prisoners so that they will be re-arrested,” he said.

Major Garang asked the escapees to return to prison to avoid being penalized.