MTN to install 4G Internet in Turalei town, Warrap state

The Mobile Telephone Network (MTN) has announced to install 4G faster internet in Turalei Town, Twic County. The MTN Company says its fourth-generation mobile technology will replace the previous 2G and 3G networks an avoid slow connectivity.

The South African mobile network-based Company pledged to fulfil its Long-Term Evolution standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals.

Lang Ajing Kiir is the general managing director for Bhar Ghazal Region. He says 4G would improve internet connections on smartphones and laptops once the installation process is complete.

He says the fourth generation of mobile technology will be installed in the coming month.

“What we are doing as MTN is that we want to organize our offices and focus on our areas of operation in Twic. I will go personal for a visit and make sure 4G internet services are provided in the areas, especially Turalei being the headquarters of Twic. This allows MTN users to communicate on a video call,” he said.

MTN further says there is traffic in the network due to the high population in Twic County that requires the Company to initiate the installation of 4G.

Mr. Kiir stated that his network company already provides 4G internet services at Wunrok Payam. “We must make sure 4G reaches Turalei as the county’s headquarters and has a population. Thus, next month, it will be done.”

MTN is one of the largest telecommunications companies in South Sudan, with an estimated 1,700,000 subscribers. It serves 233 million customers in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East.