MPS launch fundraising campaign to help Magwi’s victims

National legislators from transitional legislative have open a contribution box in the assembly to support victims of Magwi’s clashes that killed 5 people and displaced 10, ooo people at Abara Payam last week. They call on their colleagues and other well wishers to contribute both food,  cash and non food items to help conflict victims in Magwi County.

Hon. Okello Odongotoo Lawiri is the chairperson of committee from Magwi County an MP in the council of states. He told the Radio community that the contribution campaign is now ongoing at the National legislative assembly premises in Juba.

Lawiri says over 10,000 displaced are women, children and elderly people and in a dire need of humanitarian assistance. He appealed to the well-wishers to contribute anything both cash and in kind to help the vulnerable people in Magwi County.

‘’Now we are here at the national assembly. Whatever you think is possible you can contribute. The contribution is anything you have cash or in kind.”

The recent clashes between the jonglei herders and the host community in Magwi community has affected areas of Agoro, Panyikwara, Omeo and parts of the Lokaya villages.

On Tuesday Eastern Equatoria state governor Hon. Louis Lobong Lojore in a press statement said people of Magwi County faces constant harassment, fear and killing following attacks from the herders from Jonglei state.

He condemns the ongoing attack on the innocent people of Magwi County, calling the cattle herders to evacuate the area immediately. He also called for deployment of South Sudan people’s defense forces SSPDF to intervene and rescue the situation.