Mother who slit throats of her two daughters arrested

A woman has been arrested for allegedly killing her two children in Tonj North County, Warrap state.

Police say the 28-year-old woman slit the throats of her daughters in Alieek Payam on September 4, 2022.

She reportedly murdered the children using a kitchen knife during the night hours.

The deceased are aged one and three.

According to Bak Ajuot, the acting County Commissioner, the suspect is believed to have mental issues.

He blamed family members for not paying close attention to the behavior of the suspect before the gruesome incident.

“When you have your person suspected of mental illness, and you are father or brother to that person, you need to take responsibility for their children. You need to be serious in observing the way he/she behaves,” Ajuot advised.

The official said the suspect is now in police custody.

A similar incident happened in Tonj North County last month when an old man also allegedly slaughtered his two sons.

The underlying reasons for the murders have not been properly established.