Mother Teresa Hospital reopens operations theater

The operations theater at the Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei has resumed its services 12 months after it was closed due to fire.

In August 2022, it caught fire, which destroyed equipment and reagents.

As a result, the government and health partners, including GOAL, MSF, ADRA, and Health Net, jointly renovated the theater and equipped it.

“We are happy today that we have again officially opened the theater, which had stayed closed for so long,” John Akot, director of health in Warrap State, said during the launch on Tuesday.

After the theater burnt down, Akot said the community suffered a lot, with some patients having to seek theater services from faraway health facilities.

Mother Teresa Hospital is the main hospital in Twic County that was funded by a Catholic church organization called Bishop Gassis Relief and Rescue Foundation, BGRRF.

It was build in 2007 through the help of Missionaries of charity base in Nairobi.

About 100,000 people in the county and the surrounding areas depend on the hospital, according to 2014 estimates.