Mother of Mingkaman triplets appeals for help

The mother of triplets who were born last year in Mingkaman said her babies are starving.

Deborah Ayoor Dol, who has been depending on support for her triplets from well-wishers in the market said her children are malnourished and hungry.

The 16 months triplets, two boys and one girl, are unable to breastfeed from the mother as she is also struggling to get decent food.

Ayoor told Mingkaman 100 FM that her children are in dire need of milk and food sustenance
“They are grown as you can see. They eat, they drink a lot of milk but I have nowhere to get milk. I feel the pain of seeing them starving. The major need is milk and food for them to eat. Traders in the market here have been giving me milk powder to prepare for them but they have closed now,” she narrated.

Deborah Ayoor husband has been without a job since the children were born in 2021.

For any help to her children, you can reach her on phone 0922633715