Mother killed, 2 injured in revenge attack in Twic County

A revenge attack that occurred on Friday evening in Wulit village in Twic County, Warrap state has left a woman dead and two others injured.

According to police director Brigadier General, Marco Mawien Madut, two young girls fought at the water source in the area and one was beaten to unconscious condition triggering the family of unconscious girl to go and attacked the mother of the girl who beat their daughter.

“Two young girls went to fetch water in the bank of the River where they dug a hole in the sand to get water. So the first girl dug it and closed it after she got her water. The other girl asked her why she closed the hole and She told her that ‘I don’t have cattle or people to urinate in the hole’. As the result, they fought among themselves until one girl became unconscious.” Mawien said.

Although the girl was just unconscious, her family went for a revenge where the killed a mother of 50 years old, Arual Akok Reech and injured two other family members.

“The family of the girl who became unconscious run to the other girl house and they attacked her mother until they cut her neck by machete where she died on spot,”

The injured people are, Wiir Akot Wiir, 58 years old who sustained some cutting on his head and Mawien Wiir Akot, 38 years. He got hurt on his back.

Both are currently admitted at Mayen Abun hospital in Twic County and the unconscious girl got well after hearing  the news of death.

Police said they are yet to arrest the six attackers.