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Mother and child arrested after a fire incident in Kuajok

Mother and child arrested after a fire incident in Kuajok

Police are holding a mother and a child after a fire that reportedly started in their home torched a dozen houses in Kuajok town, Warrap state.

The 30-year-old woman reportedly sent a 5-year-old child to fetch the fire from the neighbors, but the child is said to have mishandled the fire.

The fire then consumed at least 12 houses at 12pm.

Major Andrea Atem Kuot, Chief Inspector of Police in Kuajok town said some neighbors lost 30 sacks of groundnuts, beds, bags of clothes and other belongings.

“We are asking the families to avoid sending children to fetch fire in this dry and windy season. This is because children are normally careless in handling fire. Even elders should also seek the best ways of handling fire because others at times take fire while using metal which can easily burn hands,” he advised.

Maj. Atem said the woman will be arraigned in court.

Achuor Deng Mawien, a neighbor whose house was torched said he lost three houses with bags, school stationaries, among other items.

The fire consumed the houses while most of the people were in the market.

No one was hurt.