Monkey attack leaves 4 children hospitalized in Twic

Monkey attack left at least four children nursing serious body injuries in the hospital in Twic county, Warrap state.

Ariech Majok, father to one of the children said a monkey that lives in Turalei town attacked his 7 years old boy while sleeping inside the house in Mangok village -north of Tuarlei Townon Wednesday evening at around 5:00PM. Ariech said the incident occured when he was not at home.

“Moneky attacked my son in the house and I was not at home. A child was sleeping inside the tukul, the monkey entered and bite him three times on face, hand and leg,” Ariech narrated.

He said he took the boy for medical attention that evening, “I rushed a child to MSF hospital,” together with other three children who were also attacked by the same monkey that same day.

The children are receiving treatments in the hospital of the doctors without borders in Mayen Abun.

This is not the first time that this money in Turalei is attacking children, it also attacked three other children in Panchuei village in March and April this year.

Ariech appealed to the wildlife department in Twic County to address this rampant attack being carried out by the monkey, “I want government to make decision on this monkey living in town with people and is attacking people every day”

Wildlife inspector in Twic county, LT. Colonel Mawien Manyang Mawien said he will discuss with the state authorities the way forward to address the concern.

“It is not easy for monkey to stay in bush. If we take it back to the bush, it can come back again to town because it has grown among people. That is the first solution, another solution is to tie the monkey in Mangok Amuol wildlife department base or final solution I will report it to General Inspector of wildlife department in Warrap State if he agree then it will be killed but me as County Inspector I have no authority to take decision on that matter” Mawien said.

On previous occurrences, wildlife department had pledged to repatriate the monkey back to the bush after it injured five people in Turalei town in the pass.