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Miss Deaf Africa recovering after being shot by police

Miss Deaf Africa recovering after being shot by police
Miss Deaf Africa Josephine Kiden

Miss Deaf Africa is nursing gunshot wounds at Juba Teaching hospital after reportedly being hit by a stray bullet in Juba on Wednesday evening.

Josephine Kiden was shot with a police gun at KonyoKonyo’s roundabout under unclear circumstances.

According to her interpreter , the police officer fired some shots in the air while they were walking. One of the bullets landed in Kiden’s chest. A friend – identified only as Deng – who was also in the company of Kiden and her interpreter also got wounded.

“They were in front with a friend and the police were behind them, so when they shoot up may be to scare some people, they shoot Josephine with Deng. Before it hit Deng’s left hand, it first injured Josephine hand because they were close to each other,” Grace Amviiko said.

Kiden and her friend Deng were rushed to Juba Teaching Hospital and attended to by the doctors. Their condition is said to be stable.

“She is a bit improving although she is still in pain. So we are waiting for X-ray then the [Doctors] will tell us what to do next. Deng is also here with us undergoing treatment,” Kiden told TRC.

Josephine Kiden is a 25-year-old model born in Juba with hearing defects. She was crowned a first ever South Sudanese Miss deaf Africa in Oct, 1st 2021 in Mwalimu Julius Nyerere Convention center Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.