Mingkaman traders warned against rejecting small banknotes

The head of Mingkaman town council has warned traders against rejecting small banknotes of 10, 20 and 25 SSP – an accusation they reject.

Andrew Wal Awuou, one of the area residents who spoke to Mingkaman FM in the market, said says traders rejected the money when he tried to buy an item. He had small notes amounting to 4500 Pounds.

“I have 4500 Pounds of tens and twenties, but traders in the market refused to sell some items I wanted to. They say the small banknotes are not working,” Wal recalled.

“I am asking the authorities to find a solution because the money belongs to the government here in Awerial County.”

For his part, the Town Clerk for Mingkaman, Abraham Deng Chuei, vowed to investigate the allegation and threatened to arrest anyone involved in the rejection of the legal tender.

“The government did not issue any notice invalidating the small banknotes. I an asking traders to stop that act of rejecting legal tenders of the government. I promise I will take action against such traders and they must face law, accordingly,” he warned.

Some of the traders that Mingkaman 100 FM contacted denied the alleged rejection of small banknotes, describing it as “untrue”.