Mingkaman residents want night patrols to curb crime

Some residents of Mingkaman town have called on the Awerial County government to deploy night patrols to curb rising crime rate in residential areas.

The call comes following reports of night burglaries and robberies.

Aguet Achouth, a resident in Mingkaman said thieves have been breaking into people’s homes to steal food and other valuable items.

She told Mingkaman 100 FM that the incidents have increased between July and August this year.

“They come at midnight when people have already slept. It started in July and August – like recently when we received food aid. They came to my neighbour’s home and looted cooking oil, maize flour and beans,” Achuoth said.

She believes such incidences can be addressed by deploying police officers to monitor the streets and safeguard people’s properties.

The Police Chief Inspector in Awerial County, Brigadier General Malual Majok acknowledged the increase in crime incidences.

He said security personnel have been instructed to stay vigilant.