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Mingkaman 100 FM broadcasts a variety of news, programs, and entertainment 17 hours daily from Mingkaman, Eastern Lakes State, and Bor, Jonglei State. Mingkaman’s programs vary in content and focus, including education, health, agriculture and other important issues, as well as music, sports and entertainment. Formats range from news and feature magazine programs, to talk shows and special coverage.


Mingkaman FM journalists produced a special series for both morning and evening programs.

Women in Business: focused on a woman with a successful business and her experience of becoming self-reliant.

Women in Health: Dr Mariam Paul Jibi is the health minister in Eastern Lakes state and she spoke about her career. She spoke about the challenges of being one of the few women doctors to complete higher education in South Sudan.

Women in Education: a teacher shared how she achieved her dream of becoming a teacher and the challenges she faces.

Women in Politics: Amer Manyok is the head of the women’s bloc for South Sudan and she shared her life experience. She spoke about how she has been representing women’s voices at the peace talks in Addis Ababa and how she wants to see more representation of women in government.

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Broadcasting Lifesaving Information

Mingkaman FM was the first media outlet to report on how an unknown disease had apparently killed four people and left several others in hospital. The station interviewed the state Minister of Health who confirmed the deaths and urged residents to stop eating dead cow meat. A health team was sent to investigate the disease. Also interviewed was a WHO official, who told the station that they are following up on the disease and have gathered samples.

On Air at Mingkaman FM

  • Hundreds of residents in Bor town say they are homeless after their houses were demolished. Bor town Mayor Gai Makhor says his office has a plan to relocate residents affected.
  • Some cattle keepers in Awerial say they are treating their animals using penicillin injections meant for humans.
  • Seven suspected poachers have been arrested in Bor. Authorities say they were found carrying bush meat in the town.
  • The Twic central county commissioner in Jonglei State says more than 6,000 returnees from Uganda and Kenya are in dire need of help.
  • Some of the 13,000 displaced Duk Payuel residents in Jonglei State started returning to their homes.
  • One person has died and around 300 people are being treated for suspected food poisoning in Bor.
  • The RRC coordinator in Bor says more than 2,000 people displaced following violence in Bor South are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.
  • The acting commissioner of Bor South County says eight children have died because of harsh conditions and a lack of medicine.
  • The Buma State Relief and Rehabilitation Commission says 14,000 households displaced by recent floods are still in dire need of food assistance.
  • Health authorities in Eastern Lakes state say 50 cases of the rubella virus and 38 whooping cough cases have been confirmed in the Wunthou vicinity.

On Air at Mingkaman FM

Internews distributed over 1,600 radios in Mingkaman – covering both Eastern Lakes and Jonglei states. The greater areas of Awerial and Bor were also targeted. Nearly half of the radios distributed in the Mingkaman FM broadcast area were distributed to women. in addition to targeting women, the distribution also reached people with disabilities, elderly persons, teachers, religious and community leaders and farmers.

Roda Adut, 40-year old women’s leader in Awerial South

“This is a marvelous thing to happen to women in greater Awerial – considering women equal to men, we felt women being empowered and these radios will change women’s minds in a great way, bringing peace between the host community and the IDPs.”

Maroldit Guet 50-year old paramount chief representing IDPs in Mingkaman

“This radio is a radio of peace, a voice of the voiceless and an eye-opener to people who have been left behind for a very long time. I want to bluntly say that Internews has been our partner in development and by installing this radio here, lives of our people have changed drastically.”

Malaak Awien 55-year old paramount chief in Anyidi

“We were really desperate for radios and you came at the right time. The issue of instability has pushed people away…with radio preaching peace, people will gradually return to their homes and start farming.”

For more information: Chris Marol, Network Managing Editor | cmarol@internews.org The Radio Community - Internews in South Sudan