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Mingkaman expectant mothers encouraged to use free antenatal services

Mingkaman expectant mothers encouraged to use free antenatal services

The site manager at the Reproductive Health Clinic in Mingkaman in Awerial County has appealed to expectant mothers to visit the center monthly for free antenatal care.

The call comes after the health facility recorded more than 10 cases of attempted home delivery. Those who tried to give birth at home later suffered difficulties, forcing traditional midwives to rush them to the center.

Teresa Achuei says the complications some of the mothers faced at home included high blood pressure and placenta retention.

Culturally, some people believe that trained midwives rush women to the theater for C-section after spending few hours on labor. They believe they could die during operation thus they avoid antenatal services.

“There is this group of women called traditional birth attendees, who always discourage expectant women by telling them that what the trained midwives tell them about their conditions is not the truth,” Ms Achuei told Mingkaman FM on Tuesday.

Due to this myth, she said the clinic has recorded one death and two cases of stillbirth this year.

” I am telling you now that if you see a women that is likely to deliver, the best you can do is to bring them to the center. Do not try to help them yourselves,” she added.

The benefits of antenatal care are: The pregnant woman receives information that will help her have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, such as: advice on the best foods to eat; preventing HIV/AIDS and STDs; preparing for a safe delivery; preparing for the newborn and breastfeeding.