Medical students protest high tuition fees in Torit

Torit Health Science Institute students staged a peaceful demonstration on Monday over tuition increment.

The students matched into the state Ministry of Health carrying posters on their hands with different demands. They say the fee increase will block many of them from continuous learning and prevent their education rights.

The government-sponsored students initially paid 15,000 SSP, and private students paid 30,000 Pound, but the new adjustment made it double. The students with private intake will now pay a tuition fee of 50,000 SSP and a government-sponsored to pay 30 thousand Pound.

Thomas Adelio, a first-year private student pursuing Nursing, told Singaita FM that the administration did not inform them about the new fee structure, which angered the students to protest.

He further explained that the situation went out of hand because the school administration could not resolve the matter amicably.

“It is supposed to be shared for the first intake of 2023 and announce a circular on the increment to students,”

Lily Luka, a second year and a government-supported student study diploma in midwifery, says the decision has surprised the learners and called the administration to reverse the idea. She urges the state government to change the new principal of the school.

“We met the minister who addressed us, but in abstention of the principal since the students are demanding that they do not need the principle, he must be changed, and we need another principle.”

The State Minister of Health, Hon. Pascal Lodai Woyakori has acknowledged miscommunication between the students and the school administration. He says the government is also aware of the new fee structure, but it will be effective next year.

Lodai says the increases came due to a lack of funds after donors cut off their support, and the increment will cover the gap next year.