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Mayen Abun school reopens despite presence of soldiers near school

Mayen Abun school reopens despite presence of soldiers near school

Classes have resumed at Awilgik Primary School in Mayen Abun town of Warrap state after a week of closure due to security uncertainties.

Last week, the school administration announced it was suspending classes due to tensions among youth and soldiers, and the proximity of the army to the school premises.

The soldiers were sent to maintain security in the area but decided to settle near the school.

The school had said the “presence of soldiers in Dungop near the school cannot allow pupils to continue their lessons.”

The school reopened on Monday. The Headteacher, Malong Ring told Mayardit FM that they resumed lessons despite the continued presence of the soldiers near the school.

He, however, said the number of children returning to school has reduced from 900 learners to 450.

“My message to the community is to allow their children to go back to school to start examinations because no more security threat now. Do not be afraid, the situation is okay despite the soldiers still there. Be patience, they will go soon,” Ring stated.

Colonel Patrick Lumumba, Commander of the SSPDF deployed near the school had said they will soon move away from the location.

“We are just waiting for tents to come, if the tents are brought, we will automatically relocate to a new place.”