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Mayardit 90.7 FM broadcasts a variety of news, programs, and entertainment 17 hours daily in Turalei, Twic State. Mayardit’s programs vary in content and focus, including education, health, agriculture and other important issues, as well as music, sports and entertainment. Formats range from news and feature magazine programs, to talk shows and special coverage.

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International Womens Day

In March, nearly 4,500 radios were distributed in Turalei to listeners of Mayardit FM. A special distribution for women took place in Abyei on International Women’s Day. Approximately 500 radios were distributed to women during the celebration.

“We are in a critical time where we really need the support of NGOs in Abyei region and more importantly support to women. The distribution of 500 radios in Abyei is a great milestone during our international women’s celebration. Thanks to the great effort of Internews to bring us these radios in Abyei, we shall now have access to radio information of our present radio program and beyond”

Tabitha Achal, Radio recepient.

Some women who received the radios mentioned that they would contribute significantly to their understanding of the peace process. They stated that the task of building Abyei is for everyone and women contribute significantly to the process. The event was broadcast on the weekly show, Abyei Today.

Programs have focused on health, education, governance/business, agriculture, women & girls and youth and sports. The network uses a standardized program format; which can easily accommodate adverts, PSAs and sponsored programs, as well as material and longer programs produced by humanitarian and development organizations.