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Man’s body retrieved from Tonj river

Man’s body retrieved from Tonj river

Police say they found a body of a 32-year-old man floating in a river in Tonj South County, Warrap State, on Tuesday morning. 5846719

They identified him as Ajing Ajang. His family says he left the house to bathe in Agor River but never returned.

“We found him drowned at a point called ‘wath Agor’, where villagers usually bathe in the evening,” said 2nd Lt. David Bol, inspector of police in Tonj town.

It is unclear how he drowned in the shallow water, but Bol revealed that Ajang was suffering from a mental illness.

Before he became ill a year ago, he was a school teacher, his family said.

Ajang is survived by his wife and four young children – two boys and two girls.