Man survives vicious leopard attack in Aweil Centre

A man is nursing severe injuries after surviving an attack by a leopard in Majok Rook village of Aweil Center County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal state.

Malong Ngor Majok was in the bushes with his dog harvesting honey when he had the encounter with the dangerous and sleek animal.

He said the carnivorous animal sneaked on him from behind while he was collecting the honey on the tree.

It reportedly also caught the dog by surprise.

“I was cutting the tree because everywhere was covered by grass. The leopard came from behind…immediately I saw the dog… it jumped on my neck. Then I tried to pin it down but it was too heavy. It bite me and I fell down from the tree and I fainted. Even the time it left, I didn’t know. After one hour I found myself there bleeding. So I dragged myself on the ground until reached my house,” he narrated.

The leopard left Ngor with injuries on the head, arm, chest, and back.

Wol Wol Aken, the Medical Director in Aweil Civil Hospital told Akol Yam that Ngor’s condition will improve as he is undergoing treatment.

“He will take some days here because there is big wound in his body after Leopard bite him several times. On Saturday, he was on unconscious.”

He advised hunters and charcoal makers to move in groups while in the bushes to avoid animal attacks.

“Avoid moving alone because this guy was rescue by God after Leopard jumped to his neck.”

It is not clear what led to the Leopard leaving Ngor after he became unconscious.