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Man survives Ngauro-Kapoeta road ambush

Man survives Ngauro-Kapoeta road ambush
Kapoeta road Courtesy image

Unknown gunmen shot and injured one person after ambushing a commercial vehicle along Kapoeta-Ngauro road on Thursday morning.

The incident happened at around 11AM in river Lokaburu.

Martin Antinop, who survived the gunshot wounds said the attackers were four. He said the assailants started shooting at the vehicle which was carrying 8 people, including the driver.

“We came from Ngauro and we were attacked. I was shoot in the back but I’m not seriously injured. I saw 4 people with guns, but I don’t know in the bush how many where there,” the 25-year-old said.

Martin is currently nursing his wounds at Kapoeta civil hospital.

Rovason Lonyia, the hospital’s administrator told Singaita FM that a bullet is still in Martin’s body. He was shot in the buttock.

“We gave him some fluids and some antibiotic. Now the patient is okay, we are waiting for a surgeon to come and remove the bullet inside the flesh,” he said.

Early last year, a public vehicle was attacked in the same place leaving several traders dead, including a policeman.