Man shoots self dead after killing stepmother in Gogrial East

Police authority in Warrap state said a man has commits suicide after he killed his stepmother in one of the villages in Gogrial East County.

The incident happened on Wednesday evening around 8pm in a village called Thut-dong but the cause or motive of his attack have not been established. Police says the suspect has been identified by two names as Akot Akot, a (Gel Weng) youth and he was 31 year old.

The stepmother he murdered was 32 year old but names has not been revealed . Police said their preliminary questioning to some of the family members did not revealed any motive for his action.

Colonel Madut Anei Mawien is the police inspector in Gogrial East where the incident happened. He told Mayardit the man turn the gun on him committing suicide before he was apprehended.

“We sent officers to the area where the incident occurred. The family will investigate how the incident happened because the culprit also killed himself,” he said.

He condemned the incident saying that the family will need to support the police during their investigation to find more his information on the matter.

“People should be patient when there is differences and call on family members to solve the problem rather than taking the law into their hands.”

This is not the first kind because a similar incident happened earlier this year in the same county when soldier belong to South Sudan people defence force killed his wife and stepmother.