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Man pierces wife’s chest with spear over ‘no food’ reply

Man pierces wife’s chest with spear over ‘no food’ reply

A middle-aged man in Tonj North County, Warrap State, is facing about 10 years in prison for attacking and injuring his wife over alleged meal.

Authorities detained Lual Ayii Chok, 65, on Thursday evening after he transfixed Abuk Lual at their home in Doong village.

Police say Lual had just returned home from a joint when the wife told him there was nothing for supper.

“He went to the market at daytime and when he returned home in the evening, he asked the wife where the food was. But she said there was no food because sorghum had finished,” Sgt Maj Daniel Deng, head of Makuak Payam Police station, told Mayardit FM.

Sometimes later, Deng said he asked Abuk to get him his tobacco, but she could not find it in the bad where he said he had kept it.

“He asked her why the tobacco was not in the bag. ‘Did you give it to your husband?’ He asked, directly accusing his wife of unfaithfulness. The man was drunk,” the police officer narrated.

As the quarrel went on, Abuk decided to lay down next to him to sleep, but he asked: “You want to sleep without serving me with food?”

Lual then allegedly went for a spear and attacked her with it. Police said the speak landed on Abuk’s chest. She is now receiving medical attention at the Makuak healthcare center.

The two have six children together – five girls and a boy.

South Sudan Penal Code 2008, Article 238 (2), stipulates that whoever…voluntarily causes grievous hurt by any such means, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term not exceeding ten years and may be liable to a fine.