Man kills wife, burn down house with goats inside in Gogrial West

Police have arrested a man who reportedly killed his wife and torched their house in Gogrial West County in Warrap state.

The suspect is said to have battered his wife to death and stabbed himself in the stomach – after the incident.

Police believe the murder was precipitated by a family dispute in Machar- Jong Wol village, Mayontotine Payam at 8PM on Wednesday.

According to the Head of Police in Mayomtotine, the man also burnt another house with 50 goats inside.

Head of Police in  says the man after killing his wife also torched into ashes with fifty goats inside.

Major Marko Wol Manut told Mayardit FM that the suspect is currently receiving treatment at Kuajok hospital.

“Killing your wife and destroying your properties is not good. When you disagree with your wife, killing is not solution,” he said.

Major Wol added that the circumstances leading to the murder and arson remains unclear.