Man arrested for striking a friend with a spear in Wunrok Payam

A man charged with striking a friend using a spear is in police custody in Wunrok Payam, Warrap state.

He reportedly pierced the man on Wednesday in Mathiang Adiang village.

Lieutenant Colonel Atem Deng Atem, a police officer told Mayardit FM that both the victim and suspect were under the influence of alcohol.

The victim was stabbed on shoulder and was taken to MSF hospital at Mayen Abun for treatment.

“They fought and the suspect took a spear and stabbed his friend on the shoulder and removed the spear immediately. The victim is recovering. The victim is 38 years old and the suspect is 46 years old,” Lt. Col. Deng narrated.

He urged the public to resolve their differences through peaceful means and avoid violence.