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Man arrested after body of girl he impregnated found hanging from a tree

Man arrested after body of girl he impregnated found hanging from a tree

A man in Twic County has been arrested after a girl he allegedly impregnated was found with her neck hanging by the rope near his house in Warrap state.

She was found dead hanging on the tree on Friday morning.

According to police, the suspect impregnated the girl last year but she stayed with her family in Pannyok Payam. In July, the girl gave birth but the baby died.

She was today found dead near the man’s house in Akoc Payam, a 4-hour walking distance from her village.

Sergeant Major Atem Ajak Akok who is in charge of Akoc Payam Police station told Mayardit FM that the body was noticed by by-passers this morning at 6AM.

He said the believe this is a suicide case.

“She came from Akak Boma of Pannyok Payam with 2 blue ropes for tying a goat and hanged herself with it. She also carried phone without a SIM card.”

Sergeant Major Atem said records show that the man had initial paid a cow as penalties for the pregnancy. He, however, did not official disown the girl.

“The deceased was living in Akak Boma in her parents’ home, a heifer was paid as compensation for impregnating the girl. It was given to her family. It is just the separation in court that remained,” he narrated.

Sergeant Major Atem said the man is being investigated to establish the circumstances that led to the death of the young girl.

The body of the deceased has been transported to her parents’ home in Akak Boma of Pannyok Payam.