Malaria cases among pregnant mothers on the increase at Aweil hospital

Aweil Civil Hospital is said to be registering an increase in the number of malaria cases among pregnant mothers.

Health officials have so far recorded 231 cases since the beginning of this month.

Marko Ayel Ayuel who is in charge of the Maternity ward at Aweil main hospital said one mother also had a miscarriage due to malaria.

He is appealing to all pregnant mothers to be reporting to the hospital for regular antenatal checks and treatment from malaria.

“I want all pregnant mothers to visit healthcare centers immediately when feeling unwell to save their life and that of the baby against malaria disease. Malaria is a dangerous disease to pregnant mothers, young children and old age people and I want the husbands to take good care of their wives when pregnant,” Ayel said.

He further asked them to sleep under treated mosquito nets.