Makuei to soldiers: ‘Failure and success of peace deal is now on your necks’

The national minister of information, communication, technology and postal services and government spokesperson said the failure and success of the implementation of peace agreement now lies in the hands of the deployed unified forces.

Makuei made the remarks on Wednesday during the sending off of the first battalion of the unified forces to Malakal, Upper Nile State.

“You are the first battalion, and you know what first battalion always does. Whenever there’s anything, first battalion is the first to take the move. So, you must confirm that indeed you are the first battalion,” Makuei urged the soldiers.

Stephen Phar, minister of Peace Building, told the forces to prioritize citizens’ safety and ensure the country achieve an everlasting peace.

“From here, there’s no reverse gear toward sustainable peace in our country,” Phar stated.

Makuei further told the commanders of the first battalion that if anything again goes wrong with the implementation of the peace agreement, it will be blamed on the soldiers.

“You take courage, be contented with your forces and go with them to Malakal. You have a big task because the failure and success of the implementation of the peace agreement is on your neck after this. If anything happen, we will ask where the first battalion is,” he said.

Tut Gatluak, presidential advisor on national security and chair of the National Transitional Committee (NTC), echoed Makuei’s message, saying the deployment of forces will reduce external and internal pressures.

“For the last three years, we have endured pressure from guarantors and peace monitors. Every day, they would come and say ‘We were with Angelina in Defense, we were with Makuei in RJMEC, and peace implementation is not going well. When are the forces getting deployed? But today, no one will ask us again,” Tut said.

The officials said the training of the phase two of the necessary unified forces will commence immediately after the deployment of the first phase is finish.