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Magwi mob attacks vendor over alleged poisonous cassava

Magwi mob attacks vendor over alleged poisonous cassava

A vendor in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State, is nursing injuries after a mob attacked her over sale of poisonous food to school children, an allegation authorities denied.

A farmer, Achiro Sabina sells boiled and roasted cassava to children at a nearby school in Lijari Boma of Obbo Payam. However, rumors that Sabina sells harmful herbs started circulating in the community.

On April 15, members of the community attacked the 35-year-old mother, leaving her with broken hip and teeth. Others went ahead to destroy her house.

“They took law into their own hands and beat that woman, destroyed her properties and houses. They broke her teeth and injured her waist. Now she cannot even sit well,” said Ringo Filbert, head chief of Obbo Payam.

He went on to condemn the attack, saying the Sabina is actually known to sell an impotence herb locally called ‘bidin’, which they say has nothing to do with children.

The authorities argued that she could not poison the schoolchildren since her own children go to the same school and eat the same cassava their mother sells.

“She has two children in the school here. The cassava she is offering to her children is the same cassava she offers to our children in the school,” said Kilamy John, deputy headteacher of Agape Nursery and Primary School.

“Maybe because she has other traditional herbs to heal in the community, but she is innocent.”

Chief Filbert urged members of the Obbo community to desist from dwelling on hearsay and taking law into their hands.

“Our youth should refrain from taking law into their hands. They should report anything to the local leaders in the community or authority,” he added.

Sabina, who is said to be undergoing treatment at a hospital, is yet to tell her side of the story.