Machar asks Angelina to prepare ground for elections

The First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar Teny has asked his wife Angelina Teny who is recently appointed as the new minister of interior and her deputy Marial Gumke to prepare ground for elections.

Dr. Machar made the remarks during the swearing-in of the officials in Juba on Monday.

“Dr. Riek Machar Teny urged the new officials to prepare a conducive environment for the conduct of elections next year,” the statement from the office of the president reads.

President Salva Kiir re-appointed Angelina Teny as the new minister of Interior through a decree on Tuesday after eight months of stand-off between the main parties to the agreement – SPLM-IO and SPLM-IG.

In March 2023, Kiir relieved Angelina from her position of defense minister on SPLM-IO docked and swapped the ministries of defense and interior; taking defense and gave Interior to SPLM-IO – a move the SPLM-IO said it was unilateral and a violation of the peace agreement.

Since then, the principals had been in a deadlock over the matter until last Tuesday when Angelina was re-appointed to the position of Interior minister.

“President Kiir has directed the newly appointed minister of Interior Angelina Teny and her deputy Marial Gumke to work together in order to enable the institution to deliver on its mandate,” it continues.

“Angelina Teny noted that she would join hands with officials in the Ministry to improve the performance.”

Deputy Minister of Interior Marial Gumke also echoed commitment to jointly work with the minister and the ministry’s officials to achieve the overall direction of the political leadership.