Locals in Turalei join hands to construction police post, appeal for more help

Chiefs in Turalei Payam of Twic County in Warrap state have called for help in their efforts to construct a new police post in Ayien Amuol Boma.

Suspected criminals in the area have often been kept under a tree due to a lack of a police station and prison.

“When suspects are arrested and put in jail in an open place under trees but some youths who have guns come and take their people by force,” the chiefs said through a representative.

Last year, some youth reportedly freed their colleagues who were detained under a tree.

The elders explained that the community has been fundraising locally for the construction and the youth in the area are willing to make bricks.

Twic County Executive Director, Malek Ring Makuei commended the community for taking up the task. He pledged to look for support for the construction of a police post.

Mr. Malek directed the community to provide him with the number of items needed for the construction of the said post.

Last month, the community of Agok Anyang village in Aweng Payam of Twic County called on the government to support with the construction of Agok Nyang primary school after youth made bricks.

They said children were learning under trees and often miss classes during the rainy season.