Localized conflicts dismay S. Sudan Peace Commission

The South Sudan Peace and Reconciliation Commission (SSPRC) has called on the conflicting communities to stop the violence and allow the smooth implementation of a revitalized agreement.

The Commission’s Chairperson says it is being disturbed by the ongoing conflict in Magwi Eastern Equatoria between the host community and herders. And the armed violence in Abyei, Twic area, Koch, Mayiandit, and Leer counties in Unity and Warrap states, respectively.

Armed conflicts have been reported in those areas that left dozens of civilians dead, people displaced from their homes, and properties destroyed.

The fighting is mainly triggered by cattle raiding, land disputes, and politically motivated affiliation.

The chairperson of the South Sudan Peace Commission, Hon. Chuol Rambang Luoth has condemned the violence and called on the parties involved to cease hostility and give peace a chance.

“The commission condemned these attacks in the strongest terms possible and called upon all groups involved to lay down their weapons and come together to embrace peace and reconciliation,” said Rambang.

Rambang further said the conflicts have continue to rise despite several government interventions, such as presidential orders for evacuating cattle from Equatoria land and high level.

“These conflicts are happening when South Sudan is fully implementing the R-ARCSS, with the most recent significant step in implementing chapters 2 and 5 of the peace in security arrangement and truth, healing and reconciliation respectively,” he said.

Peace Commission urged the security organs and the army force to implement the President’s directives to ensure the conflicts that negatively affect the people’s livelihood is put to an end.

Mr. Rambang said his department is ready to reconcile the communities, but such an initiative cannot happen without proper security

He believes the graduation of unifying forces is critical to address the hostilities and ease the way for the commission to carry out the reconciliation process.