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Lawmakers want NILEPET detached from Kiir’s office

Lawmakers want NILEPET detached from Kiir’s office
Hon. Gatwich Nam Puoch. speaking during the second reading of fiscal year 2022/2023 budget on Thursday 15th, September 2022

Members of the Transitional National Legislature have called for the detachment of Nile Petroleum Corporation from the Office of the President.

The activities of the national oil and gas company are currently overseen by the Minister of Presidential Affairs as the chairman of the Board of Directors.

In May, the minister of petroleum Puot Kang said the ministry no longer has oversight role over NILEPET.

He stated that the keeping NILEPET under the Office of the President is contrary to the petroleum management act.

The joint session of MPs from the national parliament and the Council of States was told on Thursday that the corporation started reporting to J1 after the 2016 conflict.

A number of lawmakers agree with Minister Puot. They called for a review of the National Petroleum and Gas Corporation (NILEPET) Act 2019, and a return of NILEPET under the Ministry of Petroleum.

Hon. Gatwich Nam Puoch, an MP representing Nasir County said the corporation should also present its financial reports for auditing.

“Administratively, the money goes to the Presidency which is not accountable here in the Ministry of Petroleum where the Minster is accountable in the oil sector,” he stated.

According to article 175 of the constitution , the Ministry of Petroleum implements policies related to the oil sector. Its functions include negotiating all oil contracts for the exploration and development of the oil sector, and ensuring that they are consistent with its principles, policies and guidelines.

On the other hand, NILEPET was established under the section 13 (1) of 2012 Petroleum Act to participate in the upstream, midstream and downstream activities of oil and gas (Petroleum Sector) on behalf of the Government of South Sudan.

Its mandate include, among others; identify, develop and manage commercial partnerships with existing or new client(s) including local and international oil & gas companies, contractors, and consultants.