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Land dispute leaves 11 learners injured in Wunrok

Land dispute leaves 11 learners injured in Wunrok
Learners who sustained injuries during the school land disputes snapped while receiving treatment at the hospital |Credit| John Kon

At least 11 learners from St. Daniel Comboni Primary School have reportedly sustained injuries in Wunrok.

Deputy headteacher of St. Daniel Comboni Primary School, Mr. Deng Malual Aguek says fighting erupted on Wednesday morning between pupils and a group of people while the pupils were fixing the school fence.

Apparently, the mob was organized by their neighbor, Dau Akech Thokluoi who is claiming part of the land of the school belonging to him.

Deng says the mob attacked the learners and started hitting them with sticks and stones.

“One of our neighbors has been claiming part of the land of the school, he decided to mobilize his relatives and some group of people to come to the school premises and they attacked the pupils who were busy repairing the school fence .in the attack 11 learners got injured and are currently admitted at Mother Teresa Hospital in Turalei,’’ Deng narrated.

He says the pupils had dug holes to fix poles only to find the pits closed by the mob resulting in the clash.

“No one has yet opened the case but during the time of the attack, some police were dispatched to the school to calm the situation. The pupils who got injured were brought to the police so that they can be given form 8 to access medication,’ Wunrok Payam Police station officer 2nd Lt. Juach Ajuong told Mayardit 90.7 FM.

Malual, the deputy headteacher says learning has been suspended at the school till the issue is resolved.