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Lakes state to start paying chiefs salaries in new fiscal budget

Lakes state to start paying chiefs salaries in new fiscal budget
Traditional Chiefs in Lakes State, South Sudan

Lakes state has made plans to absorb 1,279 traditional chiefs in its payroll system.

This is to ensure the local leaders are more invested in their roles in supporting grassroots peace and promoting local socio-economic development.

Over the weekend, the State Council of Ministers passed the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget to a tune of 55.6 million South Sudanese Pounds. The budget will take care of the salaries and arrears of chiefs.

According to the State Ministry of Local Government, those who will be considered in the government payroll will include; Paramount Chief in Grade 7 and Sub-Chief in Grade 11.

Chol Kuotwel Manhom, Lakes State Minister of Local government said this will be the first time the chiefs will receive monthly wages from the government.

“Chiefs are local government employees and Lakes state government started implementing this call from President Salva Kiir Mayardit to pay local chiefs as employees of the government. It is effective this year,” he confirmed.

Manhom did not disclose the amount of money to be paid to each chief.

Some chiefs have expressed their joy at the news.

Awet Majak Malok, Paramount Chief of Rumbek East County said the payment will motivate the chiefs across the state to rededicate themselves to serving their communities.

“This is a very good motivation for us. We served the community voluntarily for so long and now it will motivate us to do more for our communities. No chief will accept bribery again if we get paid by the government. We will work for justice and this is what I expect as a Paramount Chief of Rumbek East County,” he exclaimed.

The budget will be tabled in the Lakes State Legislative Assembly before the end of this month.

In January 2022, the State trimmed down the number of local chiefs that had increased during the formation of the 32 States.