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Lakes mourns slain RRC official Dut Malual

Lakes mourns slain RRC official Dut Malual
Governor Rin Tueny addresses mourners in Mingkaman, Awerial County, on Tuesday | Credit | Ayada Machok/Mingkaman FM

Government officials and close friends to the late Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Chairperson for Lakes State gathered to pay their respects during his funeral rite prayers in Mingkaman town on Tuesday.

Dut Malual Chahoch was killed along another RRC senior employee in Rumbek last Friday by Makuer Manyang Ater – an employee of the public institution.

In his speech Dut’s elder brother Makuach Malual urged the his family to remain calm and strong. He said he was counting on Governor Rin Tueny to ensure that concerned government authorities do thorough investigation into the killing.

“I was so much hurt and crying bitterly for my brother’s death. But the governor has assured me that justice will be served,” Makuach told the mourners. “So, all I can say now to my family and the community of Aliab is to be patient and not think of revenge.”

For his part, Governor Rin promised to investigate the root cause of the killing to prevail justice.

He warns that no one should think of revenge killing as he will do his best to accord punishment against the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

“Whatever pain that befell Aliab Community has equally befallen the greater Lakes community. So, I will make sure I find the cause of the killing and the killer,” said the governor, who was praised recently by citizens for restoring calm in the state.

As a way of supporting and comforting the family members, the RRC Director General for Administration and Finance in Juba, Elija Biar Kuol, offered to provide a job to the latte’s wife, Rebecca Ajak Alual.

“I have been sent from the Juba office to come for this prayer and I am saying this: I need the education documents for the educated wife to Dut Malual so that she will be given a job at the RRC office in Juba so that she is able to take care of her children,” said Biar.

Another official, Majok Anhiem – Lakes State finance minister – promised to educate the late’s elder daughter, Apiu Dut, throughout her secondary school level.

“Dut Malual was my very good friend and if he has left us, the best thing I can do to help his family is to educate his elder daughter until she completes her secondary education,” he added.