Lakes confirms arrest of two senior KCB officials

Two senior staff of the Kenyan Commercial Bank or KCB are being held at the Panda Hotel Military Barrack over missing money in Rumbek.

This has been confirmed by the minister of information in Lakes State, Paul Cabiet Ayang.

The KCB Rumbek branch manager, Manyang Muorwel; and the operations manager, Jacob Mabor Agany were thrown in last week after they could not account for 163,000 US dollars.

“They were arrested last week and the investigation is ongoing,” Cabiet told Mingkaman FM on Wednesday.

Paul added that an investigation is ongoing, and the suspects will be arraigned in court soon.

This is the second time a KCB Rumbek branch manager has been accused of financial scandal.

In 2013, the then manager, Samuel Apaak, was implicated in the 3-million-pound scandal.