Lack of scholastic materials affect learning at a Bor school

The administration of Baidit Primary School in Bor, Jonglei State, have raised concerns over the lack of scholastic materials, which he says is affecting learning.

Baidit Primary School was relocated from Baidit to Pakwau over insecurity in 2022. Currently, it has 555 pupils – 305 boys and 250 girls.

Michael Bior Alier, deputy headteacher, says since they moved the school to Pakwau area, learning process has not been easy as the school lacks adequate chalkboards and desks. In addition, the school has no feeding program and lacks borehole.

‘’The school is facing a lot of challenges like lack of school board, chalk, lack of desks for the pupils,” Bior confirmed.

‘’The school also does not have feeding program anymore. Last year, we were receiving food ratio but now we don’t have any. Another challenge is the issue of borehole within the school. we don’t have it.”

Bior went on to say some teachers have abandoned teaching at school due to lack of incentives.

He says the issue of water has made pupils always miss out on lessons because some of them decide to leave the school before time to look for drinking water.

‘’You see when it is sunny, the classrooms become extremely hot because they are made of iron sheets. It makes the pupils thirsty, and we don’t have a borehole where they can access water,’’ he explained.

Structure of Baidit Primary School in Angakuei IDP camp

He urged both national and international organizations to intervene in the situation facing Baidit Primary School to allow learners to attain better education services.

“We are appealing to education partners to help the situation of the school because learners want to be educated,” he added.