Lack of Judge in Tonj North keeps over 200 inmates in Prison

A total number of 216 inmates including 10 women suffer imprisonment in Tonj North county of Warrap State due to lack of a judge in the county to try their cases after the criminal court was close in 2019 amidst communal conflict.

Among the inmates, 36 of them are accused of murder while the rest of 180 are accused of Rape, cattle theft, robbery and stealing since 2019.

Col, Maple Ayuel, prison director in Tonj North County says the prison ward is over crowded with prisoners awaiting trail. He calls on the state authorities to provide a judge to try the suspects.

“I want tell the government of Warrap state to provide Judge to try cases pending because now we have 36 inmates waiting for trail, in Tonj North; there are a lot of criminals in the area, others have stolen cattle, the area need court to help” Ayuel stated

Malou Yel Akok, President of High court in warrap state says he is ready to send a Judge to the area but said his office is yet to receive the cases from the public prosecutor.

“When cases are prepared by public prosecutor and they are waiting for trail than we can send the judge to the area, yes Tonj North have court some year back, and because of conflict that happened the Judge leave the area, so now we are ready to send a judge to settle the cases if investigated,” said Yel

Efforts to reach the public prosecutor to commend on the investigations of the cases were not successful

The criminal court closed down in 2019 after the Judge quitted the area due to communal conflict.