Lack of health workers affect service delivery in Ayien Amuol PHCU in Twic County

More than 500 patients are unable to receive medical treatment from Ayien Amuol public Primary Health Care Unit in Twic County of Warrap State.

This is because there are no health workers in the health center following a funding cut off.

Most of the health workers’ contracts ended and now all the primary health care units are running without medical personnel.

On October 31, 2023, the funding from International Organization for Migration came to an end after one year project support to the health facilities in Twic County.

The health facilities affected are in Ayien Amuol, Kacbek, Marial Guot Jur, Wunkeu Panbaai among others.

Joseph Manut Makuac, the Boma administrator of Ayien Amuol said patients come seeking medical treatment but are not attended due to lack of experts.

“The health facility is overcrowded with patients especially the women and children but there are no health workers to attend to them. There are enough drugs but who to attend and prescribe medication is a big problem,” he told Mayardit 90.7 FM.

“People are really suffering now because all the staff left the health facility upon contract ending,” he stated.

For his part, Amos Yak Ring, the county health director in Twic said this is a big concern but now the government is still lobbying for support.

“Already 8 facilities are affected, especially on the side of the labor. The International Organization for Migration project that was supporting the health facilities in Twic ended on the 31st of October- the health personnel left,” he said.

Funding to the health facilities has been a challenge, early this year also , the Health pool fund announced the scaling down of its support to the health sector in South Sudan.