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 Kush bank deny complicity in Bor’s 82 million SSP scandal

 Kush bank deny complicity in Bor’s 82 million SSP scandal
South Sudanese Pound, a local currency in the country.

A local South Sudanese banking institution has denied participating in the alleged cash illegal withdrawal one of its clients claimed.

Kush Bank branch manager in Bor’s Jonglei state, Philip Kuec, described the accusation as “defamation’ against bank policies.

This came following the disappearance of 82 million Pounds ($188,505) from the account of Bor College High, a private secondary school in the state.

The move led to the Kush bank branch manager being arrested in Bor on Wednesday morning over the matter.

He says several institutions that opened their bank accounts with them have a legal right to withdraw or deposit without restriction from the bank once their required documents are availed.

Mr. Kuec said police questioned him to provide the documents the client used to withdraw the money, which he refused to submit and demanded a request from the attorney-general.

“Three people can operate the account and withdraw the money through legal documents. As a bank, we never collaborate with them. They are running their account as Bor’s college. This claim that Kush Bank has collaborated with them is not valid. It’s false,” he said.

Meanwhile, the police authorities in Jonglei said it detained the Principal of Bor’s college High, Mayol Panchol and the branch manager of Kush Bank, Philip Kuec over alleged embezzlement on Tuesday.

The school director Mabior Atem Mabior presented his complains claimed that 82 million South Sudanese Pounds withdrew from School Bank’s account illegally. Such concern led to issue an arrest warrant for the two suspended officials.

Major Majak said the arrests were made following legal complaints presented to the attorney general by Mabior Atem Mabior, one of the Directors of Bor College High School.

Maj. Majak Tuor, the spokesperson of Police in Jonglei State, said they have started questioning the suspects over the accusation, and court will decide once the investigation is complete.

“We are investigating whether this 82 million was withdrawn within this period or before. After we are done with the investigation, the police will forward the case to any court with competent jurisdictions for hearing again,” Tuor said.

Last year, shareholders of Bor’s College had disagreements over the school operation and their income allocations. It’s unclear how the matter was resolved.