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Kuron mother stabbed to death, baby kidnapped

Kuron mother stabbed to death, baby kidnapped
Women and their children at Kuron, Kapoeta East | Credit | Courtesy

A young woman has been killed and her baby abducted at Kuron in Kapoeta East, the county commissioner said.

Napono Nakamita had just returned home from her farm on Wednesday evening when armed men suddenly appeared and demanded her to hand over her child Lomanikor Nakamita, 18 months.

“The men from Pibor area took the child by force from the woman the child, who was on the back of the mother,” said Abdallah Lokeno.

However, as a mother, the 30-year-old could not let her baby go without a fight.

“In the process, they stabbed her five times – in her neck, thigh, back, chest and stomach – using a spear,” Lokeno explained.

This is the third time the area has had child abduction case after suspected men from Pibor abducted two children weeks ago.

The commissioner condemned the act, saying is a violation of human rights and is not acceptable.

“That is not acceptable. All the nations are against child abduction. You can steal a cow or a goat, but human being,” he continued.

Lokeno urged the authorities in Greater Pibor Administrative Area to investigate and arrest those who committed the crimes.

Singaita FM’s attempts to contact Peter Simon, minister of local government and law enforcement for Pibor area, were not immediately successful.