Kuajok Town Council to arrest, fine traders selling expired goods

Kuajok Town Council has threatened to arrest and fine any trader found selling expired commodities in the Warrap state capital.

The order comes after an inspection committee found some expired goods in the market this week. Among the expired products were sodas, 2 cartoons of juice, and custards, among others. They were reportedly still being sold passed their consumption or expiry dates.

Kuajok Town Deputy Mayor, John Maluil Ajing told Mayardit FM that they will inspect goods in the market on weekly basis.

“My message to the traders is to check first before you purchase your goods to save the public from consuming expired goods,” he stated.

Abdel Aziz Salah Juma, a trader in Kuajok main market said they will abide by the order.

“It is the responsibility of the government and traders to get rid of expired goods. All of us will work hard to make sure no expired goods is sold in the market,” he said.

In June, Kuajok Town Council destroyed 40 sacks of expired goods that included sugar, wheat flour, maize flour, among other commodities.