Kiir’s office demands withdrawal of report implicating NSS in corruption

The Office of the President has called for immediate withdrawal of The Sentry report implicating the National Security Service in mass corruption.

The press secretary on Wednesday responded to the report, titled: Undercover Activities-Inside the National Security’s Profitable Playbook, saying the government demands withdrawal and a public apology from the watchdog to the individuals implicated in the report.

The president’s respond comes after three months since the document was published on December 2, 2022.

Lily Adhieu terms the report baseless and recklessly written by UN agencies and international organizations to tarnish South Sudan reputation.

“The intended recipients of the false and misleading information published by The Sentry are international agencies such as the United Nations and its satellite organizations.”

“The Sentry is a US based organization that seeks targeted sanctions and seizure of assets to cause harm to the sustainability and economic development of the Republic of South Sudan.”

The report details how NSS has captured the revenue generating institutions, companies, public and private sectors – including some media houses.

The Sentry implicates individuals whom it reveals as the shareholders in the security captured economic, financial, oil and media sectors.

The spokesperson of South Sudan National Security Service , David John Kumuri, had earlier also rejected the report, describing it as “false and inaccurate allegations against its individuals and the work of the National Security”.

President Kiir office says the report misrepresents South Sudan and misinterprets its laws for companies and misleads its readers by citing dormant companies as actively trading.

The US-based The Sentry is yet to comment on the matter.