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Kiir urged to exclude natives of Twic and Ngok Dinka from the Aneet committee

Kiir urged to exclude natives of Twic and Ngok Dinka from the Aneet committee
A section of Anet Market in Agok area that was torched by gunmen on February 11, 2022 | Credit | Courtesy

The Community of Abyei Administrative Area has raised concern about the fact-finding committee president saliva Kiir Mayardit formed to investigate the cause of communal violence in the Aneet area.

They say those who hail from Ngok and Twic communities should excluded from the committee to preserve the team’s neutrality.

The fighting left three people dead, and six others injured in a random shooting at Aneet market in Abyei Administrative Area. Authority in Abyei alleged that the attack was carried out by armed youth from Twic County of Warap State.

Last month, President Salva Kiir issued a republican decree forming a committee to investigate the violence in which armed youth from Twic county fought with Ngok Dinka in Annet Market.

The eleven-member Committee is headed by the Vice President for Service Cluster H.E Hussein Abdelbagi Akol and deputized by the governor of Unity State Dr. Joseph Monytuil.

In a letter dated 28 February 2022 signed by six members of Abyei representing community organization, chief, youth, and women group asked for exclusion of Charles Majak Aleer and Hon. Nyadeng Malek from the committee.

They say the inclusion of those members will affect the objectives and neutrality of the committee, referring to the two as “perpetrators” that lead to the attack. Such a claim that has not independently verify.

Dier Tong Ngor signed the letter representing Abyei Community Organization in Juba, Malual Yak Ayuel, Area Chief, Elizabeth Dawalbet Bagat, and three others.

They also recommended that members from the national ministry of justice and constitutional affairs take part in the committee and wanted the order referring to Aneet as a settlement to Aneet town.

“We suggest the inclusion of a senior representative of the national ministry of justice in the membership of the committee.”

The President’s office is not yet responded on the matter.