Kiir sacks suspended Bor County commissioner

President Salva Kiir has relieved the commissioner of Bor County in Jonglei State, nearly two months after the state governor suspended him over insubordination allegations.

In November 2022, Yuot Alier suspended because he reportedly undermined the state governor – Denay Jock – and his deputy, Jacob Akech.

“Apart from misconduct, the major issue has to do with the lack of respect for the state authority because he walked out of a meeting chaired by the governor and his deputy. This is a clear sign that he was not ready to work with the two principals,” Jock said.

In a letter, Jock approved suspended of Alier pending investigations into the misconduct.

But in a presidential decree read out on the state-run SSBC on Tuesday, Kiir replaced Alier with James Tuor Kur.

More dismissals and appointments

In addition, Kiir fired a dozen other officials in Jonglei and Unity States, including removal of the speaker of the Jonglei State Legislative Assembly – Amer Ateny, whom her replacement is yet to be announced.

Still in Jonglei, the president replaced John Chatim, commissioner of Duk County, with Peter Latjor Chuol.

In Unity State, he replaced Tabuom Jany Rial, minister of parliamentary affairs; David Gai Jiejor, minister of culture, youth and sports; and Gabriel Kon Makuany, minister of information and communications with Mathiang Dak Chol, John Yien Kuol, and David Gai Jiejor, respectively.

Another notable appointment in Unity is that of John Bol Mayak, the commissioner of Mayom County. Bol replaces James Chuol Gatluak, who was killed in an attack in the county in July 2022.

James was the elder brother to the presidential advisor on security affairs, Tut Gatluak.

His death led to the extrajudicial killings of three suspected rebels – an incident that made the national parliamentarians register no-confidence vote against governor Joseph Monytuil, which Kiir later quashed.