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Kiir forms committee to probe killing in Leer

Kiir forms committee to probe killing in Leer
Adok port's Market burnt during the fighting in Leer, Unity State

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has formed seven members committee to investigate the fighting that erupted in Leer, Unity State.

The Committee is headed by the Minister of Water and Irrigation, Hon: Manawa Peter Gatkuoth, deputized by Hon. Rezik Zachariah, Minister of Wildlife, and others members.

President Kiir directed the team to report their finding in 14 days and ensure those involved face justice.

Last week, fighting was reported in Leer county between armed groups from Koch and Mayednit counties attacked civilians in villages around Leer county.

Authority in Leer told the media that 35 civilians had been killed, thousand displaced, several villages burnt were down, women and girls raped.

An activist in Unity State welcomes the formation of the Committee.

Thor Yoahness is the Executive Director of the Climate Change Adaptation & Smart Action (CCASA), a civil society organization in Bentiu. He says Committee must be transparent and make their findings public to ensure the victims of such attacks are compensated.

“The committee’s formation is an excellent step, and it shows the government has listened and seen the suffering of people in Leer,” he said.
Mr. Thor said the affected people need justice to prevail so that the perpetrators are known and held accountable.

He couraged the Committee to collect independent views from the people of Leer, Mayendit, and Koch counties.

” Even the commissioners from these three locations must visit them, talk to them, and hear their side of the story about why they are displacing people,” Thor stressed.

On Wednesday, the Civil society reported that at least 75 thousand people were displaced between 7 and 12 April. Some took refuge in Leer town and Muom Military Training camp.