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Kiir commissions modern complex building at Dr. Garang University

Kiir commissions modern complex building at Dr. Garang University
Facilities commissioned by President Salva Kiir at Dr. John Garang University in Bor on September 8, 2022. Courtesy

President Salva Kiir commissioned 3 complex buildings at Dr. John Garang Memorial University of Science and Technology in Bor, Jonglei State.

The President traveled to Bor on Thursday after being invited to inaugurate the modern complex comprising of modern lecture halls. The facility is expected to accommodate various colleges including laboratories for practical lessons.

“Since the starting of the school in 2008, it was just a prefab, but today we have received a very concrete building which the President is going to officially inaugurate for the students to get in a learning conducive environment,” said Garang Goch, a civil rights activist in the state.

While addressing the public during the inauguration, President Kiir said he was happy to see such structures build for the university.

“I am impressed by the new facility we have just opened today at the university. I believe opening of this building will improve the learning environment for the children who will come to Bor internally,” Kiir said.

For his part, the Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Abraham Matoc Dhal said the construction came out of a commitment to modernize the school facility.

“…[they] told me it is too expensive to get this lecture halls, why not [build] 2 lecture halls only and then build the rest with local materials. I said I am sorry, I will never build a structure in this university with local materials. As an independent country, we want to develop our structures and our country. We must build,” he asserted.

The State Governor, Denay Chagor who hosted the inauguration commended the school administration for its hardwork in ensuring the facility gets better lecture halls in time.

He said the structure elevates the university status that will be sought after by learners from other states due to its standard and the construction of road networks to Jonglei state.

“We celebrate the university today, we are also celebrating many more. Now we are seeing the road [from juba to Bor] we are the only state among other 9 States apart from Juba that can reach Juba within 2 hours,” Chagor said

Dr. John Garang Memorial University was established in 2008 as a college. It was upgraded to a university status in 2010 by a Presidential order.